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eNational Benefits
Expanding the abilities and capacity of HR personnel, improving the bottom line



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What is eNational Benefits?
How will eNational Benefits help my Company?
Benefits Communication
Benefits Administration
Human Resources Tools
Basic Service Features
Paycheck Service Features
Enrollment Service Features

What is eNational Benefits?

eNational Benefits is an online service for today’s employers that reduces communication costs, improves administrative efficiency, and dramatically impacts employee appreciation and understanding. eNational Benefits is highly customized to your company and is also personalized to each and every one of your employees.


How will eNational Benefits help my Company?

Managing HR functions has become very difficult for both small and large businesses. The areas of Benefits Communication, Benefits Administration, and Human Resources are particularly expensive and problematic for most employers. eNational Benefits expands the abilities and capacity of HR personnel, improving the bottom line.


Benefits Communication
Most employers report that no more than 50% of their employees understand their benefits. Employees indicate that communication is inadequate, uninformative, and fails to meet their expectations. This problem creates confusion, increases inquiries, and ultimately has a very negative impact on employee appreciation. eNational Benefits reduces overall costs, increases understanding, and dramatically improves appreciation.


Benefits Administration

On average, small to large employers spend over $750 each year per employee on routine administrative tasks. Additionally most companies are scaling back HR departments or do not even have dedicated HR personnel. Consequently management has little time to focus on core job duties like strategic HR, payroll and planning. eNational Benefits helps management remove several “hats” allowing them to focus on critical issues that impact the bottom line.


Human Resources Tools

Most companies today are inadequately equipped to deal with today’s Human Resources issues like compliance and turn over. The average company annually spends over $870 per employee complying with Federal and State employment regulations alone. eNational Benefits has a dedicated set of HR tools that help mitigate existing exposures, prevent future compliance problems, and reduce overall expenses.


Feature Description

Company Portal - Intuitive eNational Benefits interface, branded with your company logo

Employee Personalized - Each employee has their own separate user account with login and password

Homepage Message - System homepage is customized with a permanent message (company mission) and/or dynamic content (company newsletter)

Bulletin Board - Announcement area for important reminders

Benefit Summaries - Dedicated page for each company benefit. Summaries include policy numbers, eligibility information, summary of plan benefits, employee cost information, and important exclusions/notes

Carrier Contact Area - Convenient hyperlinks and contact info for each insurance carrier (provider directories where appropriate) for each company benefit

Electronic Forms - All benefit related forms (enrollment, claim, change, etc.) are posted online in Acrobat format. Each form pre-completes with the employee’s information. Company forms can also be posted (handbook, policy manual, etc.)

Educational Links - Additional educational material from health and wellness information to college funding, life insurance, and more

Modeling Tools - Financial calculators help educate employees about benefits and other financial matters

Glossary - Extensive insurance glossary, provided by LOMA

myLife - Interactive life event tutor guides employee through various life event changes

Realtime Admin Area - Admin users can modify content 24/7, from bulletin board to employee accounts

Unlimited Reporting - Admin users can create and run stock and ad hoc reports 24/7

HR-Wizard - Assess over 100 critical HR issues and practices for compliance with all Federal and State regulations. Creates a prioritized action list and delivers a solution for each identified exposure


Service Features

Increased Personalization - Employee user accounts and benefit summaries incorporate salary and deduction information. Forms and modeling tools pre-complete with detailed employee information, salary, dependent details and more

2ndPaycheck - Personalized total compensation statement for each employee that details the company’s cost for all Federal and State benefits, traditional employee benefits, time-off, and other programs (training, company vehicle, commissions, etc.). Statements can be easily printed by admin users for use in one-on-one meetings

myAccounts - Personalized financial organizer that stores company and personal insurance information for each employee

Online Surveys - Admin users can create custom employee surveys on any topic. Surveys are delivered electronically to employees, completed anonymously, with results being compiled real -time for admin users

Recruitment Tools - Various admin functions designed around the recruitment process include the creation of sample user accounts, production of a 4my2ndPaycheck report for recruiting purposes, and more


Service Features

Enrollment - Employees enroll in their benefits through the company eNational Benefits portal. The intuitive interface guides each employee through the process of enrollment, helping them make their elections faster and more accurately. Employees can learn about their benefits before enrolling, view alternative and their costs, and research providers

Flexible Output - Employee enrollment information can be disseminated to carriers in several ways. Data can be electronically transfered or hardcopy forms can be sent to carriers, providing Enrollment clients with maximum flexibility

Realtime Administration - Enrollment progress can be monitored real -time by admin users. Filters allow admins to quickly find incomplete enrollments and resolve outstanding issues through one interface. Admin users can review employee choices, make corrections, or approve enrollments. Payroll deduction reports are generated quickly and efficiently



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